Doctor Dave Bio

Dr.David Whitby AKA Doctor Dave

graduated in medicine from University of London in 1956. He came to Canada in 1960. After studying psychiatry at Dalhousie University he graduated in 1965.

He started a private practice in Halifax since 1967. He has recently retired as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Dalhousie Medical School .

He writes this about himself:

As far back as I can remember I always had an intense curiosity about what led people to do the things that they do and to understand their character. I remember in my teens reading popular books on psychoanalysis and attempting to use my very crude comprehension of this to understand those around me. I was probably not very successful at that time. However, I paid close attention to the people around me and became a keen, if ignorant, observer.

I was led into the study of medicine, probably influenced by identification with my father.. I remember that when I got to medical school one of the first books that I got out of the library was Freud's Interpretation of Dreams.

This did not mean very much to me at the time.

I found the study of medicine fascinating. Puzzling out a diagnosis was a very simulating intellectual challenge. However, when I first had contact with patients as a clinical clerk, I found that I was able to establish a rapport with them. People found it easy to talk to me about what was troubling them inside, things that they had not shared with the other physicians.

As a result of this I was drawn into a career in psychiatry. In psychiatry what particularly interested me was the field of psychotherapy. I have been privileged for more than 40 years to have had thousands of patients share with me their most intimate thoughts and secrets. I believe that for many people I have been an instrument of healing. But one has to keep in mind the famous saying of Ambrose Pare "God heals, I merely dress the wounds".

There are many techniques in psychotherapy, many schools of thought about how to proceed but many studies have concluded that the most important element in healing is the personality or character of the therapist.

As I look back on it now my purpose all along has been that of a healer.

I have a great desire to now share my knowledge and experience with as many people as can benefit from it.

I believe that what I have learned can transform lives. I hope it will do that for you.

Doctor Dave AKA David Whitby